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"Where kids 15 and under play FREE*"

Home of the 2013 Street Hockey USA Nationals Champions Rec Division
We are located at 8034 Rowan Road in Cranberry Twp, PA 16066  
724-491-8766   cranberrydekhockey@yahoo.com

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  • Adult Leagues skill levels A, B, C1, C2, C3, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5
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  • Rink Rental Rates before 7pm $25 first hour, $15 each additional,
    after 7pm $35 first hour, $15 each additional (must call and
    schedule ahead)
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Latest Update From Facebook:
posted Thu Apr 17th 2014

Order Now!

Cranberry Dek Hockey Goalie Jerseys
Order Now!




Congrats to # 637. Please contact John at 724-491-8766 if you won



We will have limited quantities of the following goalie cut jerseys

Each jersey will have a fully stitched Cranberry Dek Hockey logo on the front

Colors and Prices

Yellow $15 , Eggshell white $15 , Purple $15 ,Burgandy $15 , Teal $15 , 

Yellow w black and white $20 , Gold w black and white $20

White w blue $20 , Blue w white $20

PREORDER TODAY email cranberrydekhockey@yahoo.com

Numbering and lettering available for additional cost



Round 1 Game 5 Sec 226 Row G Upper Bowl $200 pair

Tickets priced under gate value, do not wait!!! Txt me at 412-491-3584


RINK UPDATE...We are happy to announce a partnership with 

North Park Inline, located in the Wildwood Sports Park in North Park.

They will be doing youth and adult ball inline hockey.

Visit them at www.northparkinline.com

All dek hockey will remain at the Cranberry Rink. Thanks


This Coming Week:

Sun Apr 20th
(available for rentals)

Mon Apr 21st
6pm Bats vs Cobras
7pm Foot Clan vs Spaders
8pm Straight Cash Homies vs Lifted
9pm Varsity Club vs North Shaler Gators
10pm Wallaces Army vs Hopewell Hitmen

Tue Apr 22nd
6pm Chipmunk Session 6
7pm Evolve Wellness vs Ice Stormers
8pm Legends of Rowan vs Hitmen
9pm LVGs vs Wallaces Army
10pm Reko Solutions vs THI

Wed Apr 23rd
6pm Tigers vs Spider Monkeys
7pm Reko Jr vs Knights
8pm Black & Gold vs The Walking Dead
9pm District 5 vs Cripple Fight
10pm Morning Sherwood vs Redliners

Thu Apr 24th
6pm Trojans vs Raiders
7pm Terrys Plumbing vs Tiger Vikings
8pm Saturday Game vs Monte Cellos Ice Holes
9pm Drunk Again and Looking To Score vs Lonetts Losers :)
10pm Geckos vs Goalies R Us

Fri Apr 25th
6pm Warriors vs Romans
7pm Forward Progress vs Free Candy
8pm Potter Raccoon Football vs Toxic Mafia
9pm Spaders vs BBC
10pm Rubber Puckies vs Cyclones

Sat Apr 26th
12pm Blue Iguanas vs Spider Monkeys
1pm Cobras vs Tigers
2pm Trojans vs Vikings
3pm Romans vs Raiders
4pm Hawks vs AVYMCA Dangles (A)
5pm Benders vs AVYMCA Fairmont Allstars (B)
6pm Kings Of Berkley vs Millroys Mates
7pm Vanilla Ice Ice Stormers vs Mustangs
8pm Cake Eaters vs Spaders
9pm Jeffs Squad vs Abusement Park
10pm Dead Presidents vs Chubby Checkers

Sun Apr 27th
10am 35+ King of the Dek Makeup Game
11am 35+ King of the Dek Game 6
12pm Dead Presidents vs Net Huggers
1pm Foot Clan vs Saturday Game
2pm Free Candy vs Drunk Again and Looking To Score
3pm Knights vs Ice Stormers
4pm North Shaler Gators vs Evolve Wellness
5pm Lumberjacks vs Roughnecks
6pm Frozen Balls vs Spartans
7pm Kneeling Whalers vs Tenacious Turtles
8pm Monte Cellos Ice Holes vs Cake Eaters
9pm Terrys Plumbing vs Tsunami
10pm Jeffs Squad vs In Case Of Emergency

Mon Apr 28th
6pm Bats vs Blue Iguanas
7pm Discovery Church vs Hope Crusaders
8pm Lifted vs Balding 43s
9pm Tenacious Turtles vs Run and Gun
10pm Blitzkreig (Wii Not Fit) vs In Case Of Emergency

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