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“Where kids 15 and under play FREE*”

Home of the 2013 and 2014 Street Hockey USA Nationals Champions Rec Division
We are located at 8034 Rowan Road in Cranberry Twp, PA 16066
412-491-3584   cranberrydekhockey@yahoo.com

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  • Rink Rental Rates before 7pm $25 first hour, $15 each additional,
    after 7pm $35 first hour, $15 each additional (must call and
    schedule ahead)
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Blockbuster Hit of the Summer, The Cranberry Dek Hockey Draft Tournament
Coming August 24th....

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SUMMER 35+ King of the Dek (All Skill Levels Welcome)
Sundays 10am – The following dates    6/9, 6/16, 6/23, 6/30, 7/7, 7/14, 7/21  10am
Cost: $35 a player includes 2 player shirts, returning players are $30
Format: 5 on 5, all penalties are penalty shots. A very laid back playing environment thats a lot of fun for all skill levels
Draft: We switch the rosters every week and go off a fantasy style point system
Prize: The player with the most fantasy points wins the gold shirt and the title of KING OF THE DEK!
Don’t wait to register, it fills up fast!

Registration is currently open until June 6th, check out our Youth 4-12 and Youth 13-17 pages for details

Sign Up Today!


2019 SUMMER ADULT DRAFT TOURNAMENT (All Skill Levels Welcome, ages 13+)
When: Saturday June 1st 930am to 6pm
Where: North Hills Dek Hockey

Cost: $30 a player includes custom player shirt, free pizza
Format: 4 on 4, all penalties are penalty shots. A very laid back playing environment that’s a lot of fun for all skill levels
Draft: Live Draft Saturday 5/24 online
Prizes: Winners get custom player hoodies!
Don’t wait to register, it fills up fast!


This Coming Week:

Mon Jul 22nd
6pm Skywalkers vs Boba Fetts
7pm Varsity Club vs District 5
8pm Dumpster Fire vs Cripple Fight
9pm Creeping Death vs Mighty Drunks
10pm Rubber Puckies vs Joint Tusk Force
11pm Kings of Berkley vs Grizz Grinders

Tue Jul 23rd
6pm Chipmunk (4-6) Session 7
7pm Knights vs Myoma Woods
8pm Dad Bods vs O.L.D.D.
9pm BDE vs Toxic Mafia
10pm Knight Hawks vs Snipe Cheese
11pm Arctic Seamen vs Kings of Berkley

Wed Jul 24th
6pm Boba Fetts vs Stormtroopers
7pm St Louis Blues vs Vegas Golden Knights
8pm BURNS vs Bolsheviks
9pm Jerrys Jolly Janitors vs Mutiny
10pm C Town Goats vs New Jersey Angels
11pm Grizz Grinders vs Benders

Thu Jul 25th
6pm Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Whitesnake
7pm Anaheim Ducks vs Los Angeles Kings
8pm Kneeling Whalers vs O.L.D.D.
9pm Young and Wild vs Mustangs
10pm New Jersey Angels vs Golden Seals
11pm C Town Goats vs Kings of Berkley

Fri Jul 26th
6pm Agent Orange vs Green Day

Sat Jul 27th
10am Competitive Chipmunk (4-6) Session 8
11am Skywalkers vs Yodas
12pm Blue Oyster Cult vs Whitesnake
1pm Green Day vs Red Hot Chili Peppers
2pm Anaheim Ducks vs Nashville Predators (at North Hills Dek Hockey(dekstar))
3pm Carolina Hurricanes vs Los Angeles Kings (at North Hills Dek Hockey(dekstar))
4pm Los Angeles Kings vs Winnipeg Jets (at North Hills Dek Hockey(dekstar))
5pm St Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars (at North Hills Dek Hockey(dekstar))

Sun Jul 28th
3pm Bolsheviks vs Hopewell Hitmen
4pm Hope Shot vs Cyclones
5pm Bamboo Brawlers vs Golden Seals
6pm Scoregasms vs Kneeling Whalers
7pm Mid Ice Crisis vs Jerrys Jolly Janitors
8pm Creeping Death vs Hard As Dek
9pm Hipczech vs Pink Panthers
10pm Tuesday Night Brunch vs Snipe Cheese

Mon Jul 29th
6pm Boba Fetts vs Yodas
7pm Jerrys Jolly Janitors vs Whos Your Daddy
8pm Varsity Club vs Rhinos
9pm Team PK vs Healthy Scratches
10pm Prestige Worldwide vs Moosefire
11pm Grizz Grinders vs Bamboo Brawlers

Tue Jul 30th
6pm Chipmunk (4-6) Session 8
7pm Tuesday Night Brunch vs Dumpster Fire
8pm Turtles vs O.L.D.D.
9pm Knights vs Young and Wild
10pm BDE vs Prestige Worldwide
11pm Benders vs Golden Seals