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Home of the 2013 and 2014 Street Hockey USA Nationals Champions Rec Division
We are located at 8034 Rowan Road in Cranberry Twp, PA 16066  
724-491-8766   cranberrydekhockey@yahoo.com

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Latest Update From Facebook:
posted Tue Jul 22nd 2014

2014-15 PENGUINS TICKETS - Upgraded my tickets to sec 118 row S LOWER BOWL, only 15 seats from the ice!!! Keeping the prices the same as last season. Txt me at 412-491-3584 if interested.
Price is per pair. (tickets will go quick!)
Thur 10/16 vs Dallas $200
Sat 11/1 vs Buffalo $225
Sat 11/15 vs NYR $250
Fri 11/21 vs NYI $225
Wed 11/26 vs Toronto $250
Fri 11/28 vs Carolina $250
Thur 12/4 vs Vancouver $200
Fri 12/12 vs Calgary $225
Sat 12/20 vs Florida $250
Weds 12/31 vs Carolina $225
Sat 1/3 vs Montreal $250
Weds 1/7 vs Boston $225
Tues 1/13 vs Minnesota $200
Weds 1/21 vs Chicago $250
Tues 1/27 vs Winnipeg $200
Sun 2/1 vs Nashville $225
Weds 2/11 vs Detroit $225
Thur 2/19 vs Columbus $200
Sun 2/22 vs Florida $225
Sun 3/1 vs Columbus $225
Thur 3/12 vs Edmonton $225
Sat 3/14 vs Boston $275
Sun 3/15 vs Detroit $275
Tues 3/24 vs St Louis $200
Sun 3/29 vs San Jose $225
Weds 4/1 vs Philly $275



35+ King of the Dek

Summer season starts this Sunday July 26th 10am

Signup today

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Contact John at cranberrydekhockey@yahoo.com


RINK UPDATE...We are happy to announce a partnership with 

North Park Inline, located in the Wildwood Sports Park in North Park.

They will be doing youth and adult ball inline hockey.

Visit them at www.northparkinline.com

All dek hockey will remain at the Cranberry Rink. Thanks


This Coming Week:

Thu Jul 24th
6pm Batmen vs Deadshots
7pm Legends of Rowan vs Hitmen
8pm Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies vs Toxic Mafia
9pm Lonetts Losers vs Hope Crusaders
10pm Tuesday Night Brunch vs American Lite
11pm Pink Flamingos vs Dirty Mike and The Boys

Fri Jul 25th
6pm Scarecrows vs Flash
7pm Varsity Club vs Reko Jr
8pm In Case Of Emergency vs Discovery Church
9pm Dead Presidents vs Net Huggers
10pm Pipelayers vs Morning Sherwood
11pm Pipelayers vs Golf Whackers

Sat Jul 26th
9am Bulldogs vs Hound Dogs
10am Greyhounds vs Retrievers
11am Rottweilers vs Terriers
12pm Pitbulls vs Boxers
1pm Green Lanterns vs Riddlers
2pm Nightwings vs Jokers
3pm Aquamen vs Doomsdays
4pm Mighty Ducks (13-17) vs Pareys Mafia
6pm Purple Puckers vs Benders
7pm The Cure vs Rhea
8pm Worst Case Ontario vs Nasty Bunch
9pm Geckos vs Golf Whackers
10pm Bush Beaters vs District 5 (College)
11pm Nilla Warfare vs American Lite

Sun Jul 27th
11am 35+ King of The Dek Game 1
1pm Potter Raccoon Football vs Black Dynamite
2pm Knights vs Labatt Brewins
3pm Terrys Plumbing vs Reko Solutions
4pm District 5 vs Frozen Balls
5pm Diablo Sandwich vs Cyclones
6pm Cripple Fight vs Spartans
7pm THI vs Spaders
8pm BBC vs Muckheads
9pm Boondock Saints vs Panda Bears
10pm Mighty Ducks vs Worst Case Ontario
11pm Geckos vs Tuesday Night Brunch

Mon Jul 28th
6pm Greyhounds vs Boxers
7pm Black Dynamite vs Net Huggers
8pm Dead Presidents vs Team Reeher
9pm Nighthawks vs Healthy Scratches
10pm Nilla Warfare vs Golf Whackers
11pm District 5 (College) vs Buk Hockey

Tue Jul 29th
6pm Chipmunk 4-6yr old Session 8
7pm Free Candy vs The Gang Plays Hockey
9pm Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies vs Mastadons
11pm Bush Beaters vs Nilla Warfare

Wed Jul 30th
6pm Beagles vs Retrievers
7pm In Case Of Emergency vs Rocket Power
8pm 1994 Ice Stormers vs Mother Puckers
9pm Tenacious Turtles vs Lonetts Losers

Thu Jul 31st
6pm Scarecrows vs Batmen
7pm Saturday Game vs Maelstrom
8pm Fifth Wheel vs Varsity Club
9pm Rubber Puckies vs Potter Raccoon Football

Fri Aug 1st
6pm Flash vs Riddlers
7pm Maelstrom vs Hitmen
8pm Chubby Checkers vs Varsity Club
9pm Ice Stormers vs Run and Gun

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