Welcome To Cranberry Dek Hockey!

"Where kids 15 and under play FREE*"

Home of the 2013 and 2014 Street Hockey USA Nationals Champions Rec Division
We are located at 8034 Rowan Road in Cranberry Twp, PA 16066  
724-491-8766   cranberrydekhockey@yahoo.com

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  • Adult Leagues skill levels A, B, C1, C2, C3, C4, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5
  • Youth Hockey for All Ages and skill levels
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  • Adult Dek team registration its only $595, no ref fees, first time teams get a full set of team shirts! 
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  • Rink Rental Rates before 7pm $25 first hour, $15 each additional,
    after 7pm $35 first hour, $15 each additional (must call and
    schedule ahead)
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Deadline is March 25th



Spring 35+ King of the Dek (All Skill Levels Welcome)
Sundays 10am - Feb 26th through April 9th
Cost: $35 a player includes 2 player shirts, returning players are $30
Format: 5 on 5, all penalties are penalty shots. A very laid back playing environment thats a lot of fun for all skill levels
Draft: We switch the rosters every week and go off a fantasy style point system
Prize: The player with the most fantasy points wins the gold shirt and the title of KING OF THE DEK!
Don't wait to register, it fills up fast! 

email cranberrydekhockey@yahoo.com if you have the winning ticket

Interested in playing inline hockey?

Visit  www.northparkinline.com

Adult ball and puck leagues, as well as youth ball leagues


This Coming Week:

Sat Feb 25th
9am Rocksteady vs Shredders
10am Shredders vs Ninja Turtles
11am Foot Clan vs Ninja Turtles
12pm Kings vs Mighty Ducks
1pm Predators vs Rangers
2pm Blackhawks vs Predators
3pm North Stars vs Wolfpack
4pm Lightning vs North Stars
5pm Lightning vs American Snipers

Sun Feb 26th
10am 35+ King of the Dek Game 1
5pm B Field Ballers vs Midway
6pm B Field Ballers vs Tuesday Night Brunch
7pm Cyclones vs C Town Goats
8pm Tenacious Turtles vs Cyclones
9pm The FiLs vs Rubber Puckies
10pm Mustangs vs Hipczech

Mon Feb 27th
7pm Midway vs C Town Goats
8pm Chubby Checkers vs Rhinos
9pm The FiLs vs BTDB
10pm Cripple Fight vs Noonan

Tue Feb 28th
7pm Tuesday Night Brunch vs Dead Presidents
8pm The Morning After vs Yinzers
9pm Hockey Inc vs Labatt Brewins

Wed Mar 1st
7pm Ice Stormers vs Whalers
8pm Hockey Inc vs Whalers
9pm Kneeling Whalers vs The FiLs
10pm Hipczech vs Canaskan Invasion

Thu Mar 2nd
7pm Yinzers vs Dead Presidents
8pm Midway vs Tenacious Turtles
9pm Rhinos vs Noonan
10pm Rubber Puckies vs BTDB

Fri Mar 3rd
7pm Kneeling Whalers vs Canaskan Invasion
8pm Cripple Fight vs Rhinos
9pm Al Roker Death Cult Wind Ensemble vs Noonan
10pm Cyclones vs Labatt Brewins

Sat Mar 4th
10am Rocksteady vs Foot Clan
11am Shredders vs Ninja Turtles
12pm Kings vs Rangers
1pm Rangers vs Blackhawks
2pm Predators vs Mighty Ducks
3pm North Stars vs American Snipers
4pm Lightning vs Wolfpack

Sun Mar 5th
10am 35+ King of the Dek Game 2
3pm Tuesday Night Brunch vs Hockey Inc
4pm Al Roker Death Cult Wind Ensemble vs Cripple Fight
5pm C Town Goats vs B Field Ballers
6pm C Town Goats vs Cyclones
7pm Cyclones vs Midway
8pm Tenacious Turtles vs Mustangs
9pm Hipczech vs Kneeling Whalers
10pm The FiLs vs Rubber Puckies

Site Updates & News

The team colors will now appear on the Schedule Page as well as the team pages. The schedule format is Home vs Away. Note to captains: If your team is Away and the Home team has the same shirt color, wear an alternate jersey.

Reminder: Box scores for each game are available by clicking the scores on the schedule/team page, or the date/time header on the recent scores column.